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Getting Started:

SPEEDbit Video Accelerator for Mac is a powerful utility that lets you enjoy the world of internet video at accelerated speeds.
It is installed to your Menubar and configures itself automatically so you can start watching accelerated videos right away.

SPEEDbit Video Accelerate for Mac provides the following types of acceleration of internet videos and rich content:
Normal acceleration icon

Normal Video

Videos on YouTube and 165 of the most popular video sites.

HQ acceleration icon

HQ Videos

High Quality videos with bit rates up to
200 KBps.
HD acceleration icon

HD Videos (Premium only)

High Definition videos with bit rates above
200 KBps.

iTunes acceleration icon

iTunes downloads (Premium only)

Music, music videos, movies, and TV shows.

bulb icon

To ensure the best performance from Video Accelerator you should make sure to always use the latest version.
To check for updates, click the Video Accelerator Menu item located in the Menubar. Click Check for Update and Video Accelerator will look to see if an update is available.

Turning on/off acceleration:
Screenshot of 'Turn Video Accelerator Off/Turn Video On' options in Video Accelerator's Menu in the Menubar
Video Acceleration is turned on by default.
To turn of acceleration, click the Video Accelerator Menu item in the Menubar. Click Turn Video Accelerator Off to turn off acceleration, and Turn Video Accelerator On to restore acceleration.

Changing Video Accelerator's preferences:
Screenshot of Video Accelerator in Mac's System Preferences application
To access Video Accelerators preferences, open your Mac's System Preferences application. In the Other category, click the Video Accelerator preferences pane.

Screenshot of 'Enable Acceleration' option in Video Accelerator Settings

Enable Acceleration:

Select this option to allow Video Accelerator to accelerate videos and iTunes downloads.

Screenshot of 'Show Video Accelerator Status in the Menubar' option in Settings screen

Show Status in Menubar:

Select this option to display the acceleration animation when Video Accelerator is running.

Registering SPEEDbit Video Accelerator for Mac:
Screenshot of activation screen of SPEEDbit Video Accelerator for Mac
When your 15 day trial of SPEEDbit Video Accelerator for Mac has ended, you can purchase a yearly subscription and continue watching web videos, HQ videos, and HD videos without the wait.

Find out more about purchasing SPEEDbit Video Accelerator for Mac.

Screenshot of activation screen of SPEEDbit Video Accelerator for Mac - Email and Activation Code screen

Entering your registration code:

To register your copy of Video Accelerator, open the Video Accelerator preferences pane in System Preferences. Click the Register button to enter your registration code.

How it works

Video Accelerator's advanced technology uses multiple-simultaneous download sources ensuring that streaming videos play without freezing, HD videos stream significantly faster, and iTunes content downloads extremely fast.
Diagram showing SPEEDbit's multiple-simultaneous download technology