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Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor

Innovation day at Deutsche Telekom in Berlin (31.10.07)

The leading innovative company, Deutsche Telekom, is paying special attention to the following companies: Nexpirience, Celeno, SPEEDbit, Dyuna and Telemessage.

The companies presented to Deutsche Telekom during the Innovation Day represent a wide spectrum of communication industries in Israel (online, mobile, home networking, telemessage, convergence).

Rachel Roy, head of the Innovation Day Israeli delegation and director of the Encouragement of Capital Investments administration in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labour office, indicated that the cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, the giant German telecom company is part of a continuous effort on behalf of the International Trade and Cooperation, the Chief Scientist and Encouragement of Capital Investments administration to promote and broaden Israeli activities with international companies. During the past year, mutual meetings were organized with major companies such as SIEMENSE, GE, ROCHE.

Photo from Innovation day

Rachel Roy, Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor, Israel, Hamid Akhavan, CEO of T-Mobile and CTO of Deutsche Telecom and Ariel Yarnitsky CEO SPEEDbit.

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